"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." (Lao Tzu)

Looking to introduce a new technology? Implement a new idea? Roll out a new program? Become a more effective leader?  

Strategy is about Change.   According to a Greek philosopher Heraclitus noted, "there is nothing permanent except change".  He believed that change is the core of universe.  With a 70% failure rate of change implementation, managing change successfully is certainly at the core of moving an organization forward.   With planned or ongoing change, people be required to do things differently and  adapt to new ways of working.   To get buy-in and compliance, this takes the necessary understanding, confidence and capability. 

At MAX Strategy our focus is on organizational governance, strategy development, and change management.   In addition to our experience,  we are certified change management professionals in the Prosci ADKAR methodology.  We support your change initiatives with with proven tools, methods and strategies to help create the right conditions to do things differently.  We  support clients in bridging the gap between the change objectives, the current way of doing business, and the leaders, project teams and and the people in the business impacted by the change.  We support you in anticipating and proactively managing your organization and team by developing organisational change capability as a core competency throughout your organization.  This includes:

Preparing for the change

  • defining the change management strategy
  • preparing your change management team
  • developing your sponsorship model

Managing the Change

  • Developing change management plans
  • take action and implement plans

Reinforce Change

  • collect and analyze feedback
  • diagnose gaps and manage resitance
  • implement corrective actions and celebrate success

Let'have a conversation about facilitation for your unique situation and the specific needs of your business.   It is an opportunity to exchange ideas on how MAX Strategy Consulting can support your objectives, your team, and your success.