Critical outcomes required?  Need consensus?   Looking for buy-in?

Let MAX Strategy help you and your team achieve better results by ensuring focus on the right issues, fully leveraging the expertise in the room to create alignment and buy-in for the common vision.

The important conversations you have, the feedback you receive, and the critical thinking shared can be the difference between success and failure.  Facilitation,  in offering an outside perspective, provides   the methodology, the forum and ambiance needed to ask the questions that need to be asked; often they are ones you can’t ask or don't think to ask yourself. 

Facilitation promotes the development of  effective strategic goals and plans,  the bridging of gaps and removal of barriers to achieving objectives, as well as  improved communication and collaboration.   

At MAX Strategy we are dedicated to excellence in delivering  facilitation to you , your team, and your  organization.  We help set a clear route and destination in meeting your objectives to ensure tangible and intangible outcomes are reached.  This involves pre-meeting planning activities to design the structure an, dialogue and activities needed to best reach those outcomes as well as producing final reports.     

Our neutral, outcome orientated facilitators engage teams and use successful, proven tools for running collaborative sessions geared to any kind of meeting including strategic planning, problem-solving, decision-making and team alignment.

  • Vision, Mission and Strategic Planning:  Strategic planning helps ensure people, culture, and resources are aligned towards specific objectives.  Facilitation that is streamlined, tailored, and efficient maximizes the engagement of key staff and collaborative plan development which fosters success
  • Team Building, New Leadership, Performance Enhancement, Problem Solving, Mission Alignment:  Proven methodologies support alignment of the team, within and outside,  with the purpose, objectives, roles, and communication needed to generate  the mutual trust and excitement of productive teams
  • Conferences, Retreats, Offsite Symposiums:   A skilled facilitator can focus groups to common purpose in resolving contentious issues in making the hard decisions or changes needed to move forward.   The focus is on ensuring all voices are heard in building the common vision and commitment to the action
  • Stakeholder Feedback, Focus Groups and Consultations:  Engagement to extract the ideas and facilitate the buy-in to change if they have an opportunity to participate in the process. To effectively manage risk, especially when there is wide diversity of opinion, it is critical to engage key stakeholders at opportune times throughout major projects to ensure you are on track. 

Effective leaders know they need to invest in developing high quality talent for their organizations to succeed.

Our approach for all custom-designed workshops begins by assessing the unique needs of your organization and then we create and deliver a workshop that meets those needs.  We encourage you to create your own unique program. A wide variety of assessment tools are available that make team-building and leadership workshops fun and insightful, and productive to making your organization,and your team, even better.  


Let'have a conversation about facilitation for your unique situation and the specific needs of your business.   It is an opportunity to exchange ideas on how MAX Strategy Consulting can support your objectives, your team, and your success.