"Thank you so much Max for the incredible 'Aha! Moment' that occurred in my mind when I verbalized my past, present, and future business and career aspirations to you. Your reflective and pointed questions as you listened attentively seemed to pull out hidden thoughts and answers from my subconscious. The comfortable intonation of your voice encouraged me to speak freely with wonderful introspection. Your coaching exercise definitely assisted me in making exciting decisions that will assist me in moving forward for years to come."

MJ Smith Parsons  ECHOES atlantic inc.  

"I was faced with a significant challenge and Max walked me through a great solution to dealing with this important and sensitive matter. The focus was on highlighted the positives and this is no doubt the best approach. I’m certain it will improve me as a team member and the overall productivity of the institution. Thanks. "

Alan A. Dale    Director, University of Prince Edward Islandl of Sustainable Design Engineering

"Congratulations Max!!!!  I was very fortunate to avail of the 30 minute coaching session you offered. It amazes me how often I think of some of the questions you asked and how I have applied them to other areas of my life. If a mere 30 minutes can do that, I definitely support your skills as a coach and highly encourage others to at least talk to you about how coaching would benefit them."

Elaine Woolridge  Executive Director, Kilbride to Ferryland Family Resources Coalition


Let'have a conversation about facilitation for your unique situation and the specific needs of your business.   It is an opportunity to exchange ideas on how MAX Strategy Consulting can support your objectives, your team, and your success.